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Weekly conversations with creators about their journey, how they're negotiating deals, building a business and managing a work-life balance

Podcast Season Sponsor

Sponsor the entire podcast season as the featured partner across 12 episodes. Includes 60-90sec pre-roll ad read by our podcast host at the beginning of the episode, description and link and promo code in the show notes and shout out on social media every week.

Price to be negotiated

Examples of one sponsored episode

Riverside got exposure and reached creators across our Youtube, Spotify, Twitter, Linkedin per episode.

Youtube (300+ views)

Podcast Season 2

Our podcast guests are creators, solopreneurs and creative entrepreneurs across all sorts of channels and platforms with an average reach of 20k - 1m followers, who usually promote and reshare their podcast episode and social media posts on their channels.

  • Laura Lewandowski - Modern work

  • Dickie Bush - Writing

  • Joe Casabona - Turning podcast into a 5 figure business

  • Sushee Nzeutman - How to build an automated 6 figure Youtube business

  • Ev Chapman - Note taking for creators

  • Bliss Bean - Coping with burnout

  • Jake Thomas- Youtube titles

  • Justin Moore - Sponsorships

  • Jay Clouse - Communities

  • Lana Blakely - An introverted creator


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