Empower anyone, with us.
Join us on our mission to empower the independent businesses of tomorrow.
Empower the independent businesses of tomorrow.
Our goal is to unlock the full potential of the creator economy, by making it easier for creators to succeed.

Right now, the life as a creator is exhausting. They need to create and edit content, build their brand, engage with their community, find sponsors, track their finances...all without adequate tools to support them.

We envision a future in which everyone can make a living by sharing their truest authentic self.
Our values
These values are core to our culture. They are the foundational framing we use when making decisions, working together on a daily basis and assessing potential candidates, like you, to join our team.
Dare to grow πŸ₯
We believe that life-long learning is truly empowering.
So, we encourage our team to take ownership and we ensure that everyone can give and receive candid feedback. It's okay to try and make mistakes as long as we learn from them.
Embrace passion ❀️
We believe everyone is unique and has their own passions. We hope that you will be just as passionate about our mission, and use your individual perspective to help us build the best product.
Serve the community 🎁
We believe that communities are magical and help individuals to find a place where they feel like they belong. We want to serve those who can create communities by building diverse and inclusive communities ourselves.
Be a creator πŸš€
We believe creators are go-getters and problem solvers who challenge the status quo and find solutions with limited resources at their hand. To truly serve creators, we need to be creators ourselves.
Diversity and inclusion are no buzzwords
At Passionfroot diversity and inclusion are no buzzwords, but rather, the value that has brought us together as founders. We plan to live and breathe these values both inside and out. We celebrate uniqueness and whatever makes you, you and encourage everyone who wants to help us transform the way the world works and lives, to join us on this journey.

Our customers are incredibly diverse - from famous Asian-American YouTubers with millions of followers across the globe, to a group of high-school friends that write a newsletter for the German culture scene, to foodies that run a restaurant blog for the city they live in.

In order to build the best product to serve our customers, it is crucial for us to have people that bring in different perspectives. Employees from all backgrounds should feel welcome on our team, but also will have the opportunities to grow their careers beyond the glass ceiling found at most other companies. Our goal is to show the rest of the tech ecosystem that this is the best way to build a successful company.

Hence, we promise to foster a workspace where everyone belongs and is heard from day 1.
About the team
What brought us three together is a common set of values. We deeply care about a diverse and inclusive society, upward economic mobility and the empowerment of individuals.
Co-founder & CEO
Creator Partnerships, Marketing, Product
Co-founder & COO
Operations, Finance, People
Product Engineering
Creator Studio
Product Engineering
Product Design
Product Engineering
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We are looking for our founding team members who have the power to shape Passionfroot. If you want to empower millions of people to make a living with their passion and want to take on a role with unlimited opportunities, look no further.

We are based out of Berlin, Germany. Passionfroot will implement a hybrid remote working model, to give everyone flexibility to work wherever they want in the EU. In this model, we will regularly meet in person to more effectively collaborate, and to enjoy each other’s company.