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How to Successfully Rebrand

How to Successfully Rebrand

We have a new face!

With a new website, logo, colours and plenty of Froots, I’m so excited to share our rebrand with you.

Creators, much like companies, evolve over time. And a strong brand can represent that journey. It’s not just a name and a logo, it’s what comes to mind when people think of you. Strong brands evoke trust and credibility, they position you boldly, and they give your loyal audience or customers a warm sense of familiarity. But sometimes your brand needs a fresh stroke of paint.

You might choose to rebrand for several reasons:

  • you’ve outgrown your current brand
  • you want to differentiate yourself more from other creators and businesses
  • you need a fresh start
  • you want to introduce your brand to new audiences or your brand doesn’t resonate with your current audience
  • your offerings or strategy have changed

Although a rebrand is a great excuse to roll up your sleeves and get creative again, it’s not a decision to take lightly. It requires a lot of time (it took us months), money and energy. You also don’t want to be changing your brand too often, because you might lose your audience on a constant rollercoaster ride.

But if you do choose to rebrand, these are some of the things we considered to ensure it was a success:

  • Our values - although we wanted a new look, we didn’t want to lose our values. In fact, our company values guided our brand personality.
  • Our pre-existing brand - we evaluated what was already working and what wasn’t to build on our brand, rather than eradicate it completely. This included considering this newsletter, our podcast, what worked well with our company name and some of our old brand colours.
  • Our competitors - we researched other companies in the market as we wanted to stand out.
  • Our team and users - our company is more than one person. We got input from the entire team and the people who use (or will use) Passionfroot, as we wanted a brand that resonates with them.
  • A content style guide - once we had a brand, we created a content style guide. This is an indepth document that outlines our brand voice and how we communicate across our content and product.
  • A checklist - swapping from one brand to another involves a lot of change. We made a comprehensive list of everything that needed to change over, and assigned it to different members of the team.
  • How to launch - we didn’t just want to change our look, we also wanted to use our rebrand to remind people of what we’re about. We created this video which sums us up perfectly.

We might look different, but our mission to help creators hasn’t changed. We’re on an exciting journey, and we’re so glad to have you on it with us.